Episode 003 – The Blood Moon

DJ Amen Ra ruins his intro. The pope takes over DC and everyone stays home. Pitchfork hates the new Disclosure and Amen Ra can’t deal. ODESZA sells out stadiums. The only thing Brandon knows about Miami is that Will Smith Song. The gang names 10 other cool things from Miami. The movie Bad Boys is one of Michael Bays only good films, and the gang comes up with the concept for the best Michael Bay movie ever. TB&P prepares for the Miami Web Fest. We play a dope new EASY track. Enferno & Shiftee are wizards. Drake is in the district and so is CHVRCHES with a “V” for the Landmark festival. Hotsauce is a 90s hip hop encyclopedia especially with Bone Thugs. We talk about our first Hip-Hop albums that we hid from our parents. Some guy at The Wall ruins Hotsauce’s first Krazie Bone CD purchase.  The blood moon is crazy.



1. Disclosure Feat Nao – Superego
2. Getter – Soulmouther, I love you (Feat. Tree)
3. Disclosure Feat The Weekend – Nocturnal
4. Virtu – Blunt Force
5. Odesza – All We Need (louis Futon Remix)
6. BiG Grams – Fell into the sun
7. UGK- International Players Anthem (eSenTRIK Remix)
8. Luca Lush – Hit the Quan
9. Lady Parts – Samson (Original Mix)
10. Zhu – Crazy as it is
11. Alicia Keys – You Dont Know My Name (SMLE Remix)
12. E.A.S.Y – Like That (Original Mix)
13, Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin
14. WRLD- Little Too Close (feat. Veronika Redd)
15. Disclosure Feat miguel – Good intentions.

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